Eye Q10 - Optic Nerve Support

Fithealth Eye Q10 assists in protecting the optic nerve cell and helps improve the immune function.

Fithealth Eye Q10 contains Co-Enzyme Q10 - an essential substance that is made and found in every cell of the body.

Eyes Rx - The Original Option

Fithealth Eyes Rx helps protect & nourish the eyes against degenerative eye disorders and acts as an immune booster.

Fithealth Eyes Rx contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin, antioxidants and micro-nutrients - all known to assist in retarding the progression of vision impairment disorders and boosting the immune system.

Eyes Rx Plus - The Optimal Option

Fithealth Eyes Rx Plus provides advanced and potent protection against degenerative eye disorders and is a superior immune booster.

Fithealth Eyes Rx Plus contains appropriate micro-nutrients, carotenoids and anti-oxidants to assist in combating degenerative eye disorders and boosting the immune system.


Fithealth L-Lysine helps treat painful cold sores, fever blisters, sun blisters and the herpes virus (shingles, genital herpes).

Fithealth L-Lysine contains the essential amino acid L-Lysine that helps to alleviate and/or reduce the duration and severity of these painful outbreaks.

Lysine Lip Cream

Fithealth Lysine Lip Cream assists in healing and soothing lips affected by cold sores, fever blisters and sun blisters.

Fithealth Lysine Lip Cream contains a combination of active ingredients including Lysine, Tea Tree Oil and Zinc Oxide to assist in alleviating painful lip sores.

Super Acidophilus

Fithealth Super Acidophilus, a probiotic, helps normalise and balance the intestinal flora and so assists in destroying candida infections and easing irritable bowel syndrome.

Fithealth Super Acidophilus is a YEAST FREE probiotic containing an equivalent of 1,000,000,000 viable organisms per capsule.

Super Cope

Fithealth Super Cope provides a ONE-A-DAY combination of micro-nutrients to help you cope, boost energy levels and elevate immunity.

Fithealth Super Cope provides the complete B-group vitamins, antioxidants & micro-nutrients to help people cope with everyday pressures & stresses.

Vit C Plus with Rosehip

Immune Support ● Boosting Anti-oxidant Levels ●Vitamin C Combination

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